ETA plus® – intelligent “energy saving package” now also for single drying bin solutions

At PLAST, 8th to 12th May, 2012, in Milan, Italy, motan-colortronic will introduce a further advancement in the drying of plastics granules. The latest evolution of the intelligent ETA plus® technology is now also available for single drying bin solutions. This sustainable control entity for air flow regulation has been optimized with a keen eye on minimizing energy consumption where a large single drying bin is required with volumes of between 3,000 and 13,000 litres


ETA plus® has already proved itself effectively with dry air dryers of the LUXOR A series. Fully automatic adjustment of air volume to the entry temperature of the relevant material and throughput assures consistent drying results. The only air volume produced is that required for the drying process. ETA plus® process technology used in conjunction with a single bin drying combination does not require butterfly valves to control the air flow and is particularly energy efficient with large-scale plants.

ETA plus® combines the drying organizer function with air flow control. The process air quantity and the adjustment of the drying temperature are controlled analogously to the energy requirement of the material throughput. ETA plus® avoids over or insufficient drying and guarantees maximum achievable drying quality of the material. Compared with conventional dryers, a reduction in energy consumption in excess of 60% are now achievable. 

Interactive menu navigation is available via the clearly arranged TFT touch-screen colour monitor, thus considerably easing operation. Users are able to select all essential parameters for their chosen material from a pre-loaded database. In addition, in-house recipes can be stored in a separate database. Once the user has chosen the material of his choice, ETA plus® will take over automatic process control. All parameters required for the entire drying process are stored in the database. The equipment adapts – with regard to quantity, conditions, summer, winter, day or night – and proceeds with the drying process meeting all requirements in an energy-efficient manner.


The motan Group

The motan Group, with its headquarters in Konstanz, Lake Constance, in Germany, was founded in 1947. As the leading provider of sustainable materials handling, the company is active in injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and compounding, in-line and chemicals. Part of the application-orientated product spectrum are innovative modular systems solutions for the storage, drying and crystallisation, for the conveying, dosing and mixing for plastics manufacturing and processing industries.

Manufacture takes place at various production locations in Germany, India and China. motan distributes its products and systems solutions via its regional motan-colortronic centers. Currently, more than 450 employees contribute to an annual turnover of approximately 100 million Euros. As a result of its network and its many years of experience, motan offers its customers exactly what they actually require: solutions with genuine added value.