FAKUMA 2012: motan-colortronic presents the new LUXOR CA 8 compressed air dryer

Reacting to market demands, motan has expanded its LUXOR CA range of compressed air dryers to fit the smaller injection moulding machines which are becoming ever more popular among customers. Efficient material handling is a must, and drying is at the heart of plastics processing. With the new LUXOR CA 8, motan offers an economical small-scale dryer for injection moulding machines. Plastics processors at the FAKUMA can visit motan-colortronic’s stand in Hall B, Stand No. B1-1111 to see for themselves how flexible and efficient this product truly is.


Four units for economical drying
Four different compressed air dryer sizes are available: the new LUXOR CA 8 with an 8 litre drying bin and a drying performance of 1.5 to 4 kg/h; the LUXOR CA 15 (15 litre drying bin; 2 – 5 kg/h); the LUXOR CA 30 (30 litre bin, 4 – 10 kg/h) and the LUXOR CA 60 (60 litre bin, 8 – 20 kg/h). All of these models use compressed air which heats up to a preset temperature ranging from 30 to 180°C. An aligned close loop circuit allows for constant temperature control. A safety thermostat prevents any chance of overheating the material, and integrated air volume measurement ensures that the dryer is shut off when air volumes are too low.

Fully developed and user-friendly range of functions
LUXOR CA dryers are simple to operate without the need for presetting or calibration. The operating controls are self-explanatory and air volumes are infinitely variable. With these features, users have the flexibility to adjust the dryer exactly to the required drying needs using only as much compressed air as is absolutely necessary. The air flow rate indicator helps determine whether adjustments are necessary. In the air flow diagram, the user can see at a glance all parameters setting for a wide range of different materials and throughputs. The cylindrical drying bin is fully isolated. This guarantees consistent drying with low energy consumption. Due to their compact size and low weight, the LUXOR CA dryers can be easily mounted onto small moulding machines. The dryers can also be mounted onto a mobile frame offering additional flexibility when moving from one processing machine to another.

The motan Group, with its headquarters in Konstanz on Lake Constance in Germany, was founded in 1947. As the leading provider of sustainable materials handling, the company is active in injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and compounding, in-line and chemicals. Part of the application-orientated product spectrum are innovative modular systems solutions for the storage, drying and crystallisation, for the conveying, dosing and mixing for plastics manufacturing and processing industries. Manufacture takes place at various production locations in Germany, India and China. motan distributes its products and systems solutions via its regional motan-colortronic centers. Currently, more than 450 employees contribute to an annual turnover of approximately 100 million Euros. As a result of its network and its many years of experience, motan offers its customers what they actually require: solutions with genuine added value.