Fakuma 2012: motan-colortronic’s SilentLine optimises pneumatic vacuum conveying

When conveying plastic granules such as PC or PA, a lot of environmental noise is generated along the material lines. The noise can often be heard even outside the confines of the production buildings. In addition, the abrasive granules generate wear and tear on the material lines and components. Conventional methods to determine leakage are complex, expensive and seldom dependable. With the new SilentLine, motan delivers an “all-round” solution to eliminate several disturbing factors at the same time.




Noise reduction
SilentLine is a double-walled construction of material lines. The inner pipe serves for conveying various materials. An air-filled space exists between the inner and outer pipes and acts as insulation to the environment. This deadens the sound and protects employees in the process. SilentLine reduces noise levels by a minimum of 12 dB(A). This is a decrease of more than 50% when using the above mentioned materials. An additional 6 dB(A) decrease in the sound level can be achieved by using motan’s material protecting IntelliFlow when conveying.

Discovering leakage
SilentLine is the only product of its kind on the market which offers vacuum loss detection within the material lines. Using an external flow meter, leaks can be immediately identified and the particular pipe can be exchanged without problem. The conventional method of detecting leakage was complicated and involved stripping outer pipe layers or visual checks. Motan’s SilentLine offers leakage monitoring as preventative machine maintenance. With SilentLine, negative consequences such as leak air from damaged spots, material conveying failure or even production stops are a thing of the past.

Thermal energy efficiency
SilentLine works like a layer of insulation. The air-filled space in the double-walled pipe lines decreases the amount of heat lost to the ambient atmosphere. The dried material cools less quickly during conveying between the drying stations and the processing machines. This saves the need for insertion of an additional dryer.

Highest Demands are satisfied
SilentLine is flexible and can be combined with all current types of motan piping. Even critical areas such as production buildings or especially vulnerable pipe sections can be outfitted with SilentLine. SilentLine offers the simplest way to increase resource and energy efficiency. “We develop solutions to meet the highest demands of our customers. With SilentLine, we have even exceeded them,” maintains Ulrich Eberhardt, CEO of motan, Konstanz.

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