METRO P conveys powder profitably


The METRO P powder (P) hopper loaders have been developed for reliable, service-free continuous operation for conveying non-free-flowing and free-flowing raw materials. Formation of lumps and bridging are impossible: this is guaranteed sustainably as the geometries of the discharge openings have been calculated by computer, empirically and under laboratory conditions. The largest equipment, with 1,000 kg/h output, has a 260 mm diameter opening. The METRO P range is constructed in three sizes – with 200 kg/h conveying performance & 10 litres capacity (cycle), with 500 kg/h performance & 25 litres capacity, and 1,000 kg/h performance & 50 litres capacity. The METRO P containers are produced in electro-polished stainless steel which makes them extremely robust and service-friendly.

Conveying of substances and materials in powder form requires the use of micro filters in the conveying air environment. motan uses multiple filter cartridges in the METRO P equipment in the form of Teflon-coated star shaped filters with very large surface area, so that the most minute and finest µm-sized powder dust particle fractions can be “captured”, gathered and filtered out. A battery of four filter cartridges operates in the compact METRO P with its 200 kg/h conveying performance, a battery of seven filter cartridges each in the models with medium (500 kg/h) and high (1,000 kg/h) output performance. The process is kept clean with automatic air-jet de-dusting while the process is running. Working with a defined sequence schedule, the air-jet return stream is triggered at around one second prior to the end of the conveying cycle, in order to pneumatically unload the appropriate cartridges from within the batteries of four or seven cartridges, by selection of defined cartridges, or sequentially, one after the other.