NEW at the Fakuma 2014

In the area of raw materials conveying, motan-colortronic will present its new METRO G range of material loaders at this year's Fakuma in Friedrichshafen from 14th to 18th October 2014 in hall B1 at stand 1111. This highlight will be shown together with METROLINK, an automatic coupling station which features its own autonomous control system. Other building blocks forming the "conveying" segment include SilentLine, a patented noise reduction system for material feedlines and a permanent central vacuum system for large material throughputs.


motan-colortronic's spotlight this year will be focused on its innovative METRO G range of material loaders. This development by motan engineers combines the latest technologies from colortronic and motan and also enhances those systems with a number of new features. METRO G's modular building block system allows users to configure and create the optimal material loader for any application. For example, a standard material loader unit can be expanded into a clean room version just by adding special vacuum diaphragm valve. A dust removal module provides for fine dust removal at the material loader, essential for some critical engineering plastics where absolutely no dust is allowed to enter the process. The system can also be fitted with modules with a tangential material inlet to provide a cyclone effect for processing those materials where a more coarse dust separation is required. METRO G allows users to configure the right material loader for their specific application.

The new METRO G loaders can work in conjunction with the compact METROLINK material selection system that produces the correct material/machine connection – quickly, reliably and without risk of confusion or contamination. Fixed material pipe connections provide for the highest level of operational reliability, right up to the next material change. The system is automatically purged before every material change, guaranteeing the material loader on the machine conveys contamination-free. The system also automatically takes care of setting up and monitoring the material path, making error impossible. Each METROLINK unit allows a maximum of 32 processing machines to be fed, with up to 16 different materials.

motan-colortronic's aptly-named SilentLine is a double walled material feedline system which guarantees minimum noise reduction of 12 dB(A), this equates to a 50% reduction in noise. And when combined with motan's gentle material conveying IntelliFlow, the system can even achieve additional sound reduction of up to 6 dB(A). SilentLine also detects leaks in material lines, allowing affected pipe sections to be easily identified and replaced. Another SilentLine advantage is that the system makes efficient use of thermal energy – the double walled pipeline provides an insulating effect which causes dried material to be cooled less quickly during the conveying process.

Another motan-colortronic exhibit at Fakuma will be its permanent central vacuum system. This system stands out thanks to its ability to continuously provide vacuum capacity for all conveying equipment connected, without the need to set up fixed vacuum lines. A vacuum control automatically adjusts the conveying air volume throughout the entire conveying system by regulating speed and switching blowers on/off as needed. This provides the conveying system with the correct vacuum capacity it requires at any given time. For users, this means a drastic reduction in energy costs, as the vacuum system minimises operations required to switch blowers/pumps on and off, and also does away with the need to constantly and repeatedly build up the vacuum in conveying system.