Safe and dry: Protecting small and large material quantities from moisture

In order to protect sensitive materials from moisture absorption and contamination, motan has developed a practice orientated system that is easy to operate.


Users typically use pre-dried plastic granulate from sacks, particularly for small part production. If these sacks are not speedily emptied during continuous production, the granulate will, depending on the type, absorb moisture from the air relatively quickly and the processing characteristics will be changed.

This can be prevented with the use of motan’s mobile blanketing bins: The new type BB 60, suitable for 25kg sacks, requires only minimal amount of oil and water free air (adjustable according to the material between 0.06 and 0,6 m³/h) from the compressed air system to keep the granulate in its delivered condition for long periods of time. A suction box enables the simple, dust free connection to the material transport of the machine. The optional fill level monitoring triggers an optical alarm when the minimal fill level has been reached. Due to the rolling frame the blanketing bin is easy to operate and can be deployed flexibly. Particularly for small part and micro injection moulding, which often requires very narrowly tolerated material properties, stable processing parameters with minimal energy input can be guaranteed.

An option without blanketing bin serves purely as a transport and storage container for granulate with low moisture affinity which keeps the material safe from contamination. Both types also prevent material losses due to direct use of sacks as well as contamination of the material and uncleanliness around the machine.

Dry from the octabin into the machine
Larger material quantities are typically drawn from octabins of varying sizes, provided that a central material supply is not available. The danger of moisture absorption is also present here after opening the inner foil, resulting in the change of important material properties. This can be prevented with a light weight yet robust blanketing cover BO 1500 made from polycarbonate from motan. Two self-sealing openings for suction pipes with 45 and 60mm diameter as well as handles enable simple and safe operation. The interior of the octabin can be monitored due to the transparent material. Very small amounts, adjustable between 0.24 and 3 m³, of oil and water free air from the compressed air system prevent the absorption of moisture even for extremely hygroscopic materials such as PA6. This guaranties stable processes with minimal effort for the entire length of the extraction from the octabin, even during longer production breaks. Expensive and time-consuming subsequent drying of open containers is saved.

An alternative cover without blanketing device is suitable for use with materials which are not sensitive to moisture. The ergonomic cover protects the contents from contamination and the environment from granulate dust. Both types can be used with all standard European octabins.


Blanketing bin BB 60 Blanketing for Octabins BO 1500
The blanketing bin BB 60, suitable for 25kg sacks, protects the granulate from the absorption of moisture and keeps the area around the processing machine clean.  The best solutions are always simple: The transparent and robust blanketing motan BO 1500 fits on all standard octabins and keeps the contents at a defined moisture level with minimal energy input, even during longer production breaks