Why motan?

About us

motan-colortronic is a medium-sized corporation, active on the global stage, which is mindful of its role as responsible partner in a network of employees, customers and suppliers.

Our strategy is to align our responsiveness to the needs of our customers and the developments in the market.

Our decentralized structure allows us two things:
1) to provide high-value solutions through our competence and service, and
2) to be as close to our customer as possible.

Extensive experience.

The merger of motan, colortronic-systems and colortronic has created a company with a range of skills and capabilities that perfectly complement each other – spanning the entire process chain for plastics manufacturing and processing. This knowledge is based on over 60 years of experience. Our solutions go far beyond conventional materials handling: we aim to open up a whole new dimension.

And our slogan succinctly expresses this vision: think materials management.