We honour the best idea.

Innovations drive us forward and empower us to evolve and grow. And they often start with a single idea.
The motan Foundation wants to harness these ideas, develop them and put them into practice. Because every new innovative development has the potential to open new doors – and shape our world.

We are committed to fostering scientific progress.

To this end, we invest heavily in research and development. Moreover, we continuously engage with our partners and customers to create new products, processes and applications as well as service and business models. Preserving resources is high on our agenda in everything we do.

  • Our goal is to enhance raw materials handling in plastics production and processing, and change the face of materials management.

The motan innovation award aims to set a process in motion – and invites anyone interested in plastics and their applications to be a part of it. We want to bring bright ideas to light and put them into practice.  –  Why not join us?