Our history

  • Foundation of motan gmbh


    On the 30th August 1947 Heizmotoren GmbH, later to be renamed motan gmbh is founded in Überlingen on the Lake of Constance, South Germany. Manufacturing for the company is located in Isny in the Allgäu.

  • Ralf Schneider buys the company


    Ralf Schneider buys the company. With a clearly defined corporate vision and a flair for identifying new markets he lays a solid foundation for the future success of motan.

  • Relocation of the company to Isny


    The company relocates its headquarters including Research & Development and Sales from Überlingen to Isny in the Allgäu, South Germany.

  • Entree in the plastics industry


    Having identified potential for growth within the plastics industry, motan begins to manufacture ancillary equipment for this market under license. These products are then developed further under motan’s own direction.

  • 1977

    The MD driers are the first key products to be developed for drying technology at motan.

  • Walter Kramer becomes Managing Director


    Walter Kramer, a successful engineer and entrepreneur, joins the motan group as managing director. He expands materials handling for the plastics processing industry into motan's core business and thus presented the motan group for the first time at the K trade fair.

  • UNICOLOR dosing & mixing unit


    The UNICOLOR dosing & mixing unit for powders, pellets and liquid additives is patented. The UNICOLOR is unique in the industry and some units are still in operation today.

  • First fully centralized PLC controlled system


    The first fully centralized PLC controlled system for drying, conveying, dosing & mixing, is installed.

  • motan in France, UK and USA

    1984 - 1987

    To take advantage of the world‘s growing plastics markets and to better meet the needs of the customer, motan establishes subsidiary companies in France (1984), Great Britain (1986) and the USA (1987).

  • Innovative system solutions for PET

    1985 - 1986

    motan develops innovative system solutions for the demanding requirements of Optical Disc as well as PET preform production.

  • Automatic throughput monitoring system


    motan‘s unique ATN automatic throughput monitoring system is patented. Material throughput is constantly monitored and the required temperature varied as necessary to ensure the correct drying temperature.

  • Foundation of motan holding gmbh


    As the motan organisation grows internationally, motan holding gmbh is established at Konstanz to provide the structure for efficiently managed growth towards leadership in the global market.

  • Foundation of three new asian subsidiaries


    Service to the Far East market is established on a sound footing for growth, with the opening of a regional center in Singapore and the appointments of licensees in India and Japan.

  • ETA-process® heat recovery system


    The ETA-process® heat recovery system is patented, responding to the demand for increasingly energy-efficient operations in industry.

  • New sales and service companies in Italy and China

    1999 - 2002

    The organisation continues to grow with further sales and service companies opened in Italy (1999) as well as Beijing (1999) and Shanghai (2002) in China.

  • New Managing Director Ulrich Eberhardt


    After 25 years of service Walter Kramer retires from the company. Ulrich Eberhardt becomes Group Managing Director.

  • CONTROLnet, a new control platform is introduced


    CONTROLnet, a new control platform is introduced. Now all motan controls can communicate with each other via Ethernet. The modular design of the system allows for simple expansion of an installation.

  • New Group Managing Director Sandra Füllsack


    Sandra Füllsack, the daughter of Ralf Schneider joins as Group Managing Director and together with Ulrich Eberhardt is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Group.

  • Acquisition of the colortronic group


    With the acquisition of the colortronic group motan enters the plastics compounding industry. Now motan has expertise that covers the complete process chain for raw materials handling within the plastics industry.

  • MINICOLOR screw & disc dosing


    All new products are now developed under the motan brand and are distributed through the motan-colortronic regional centers. The first product of this new generation, combining the best of both technologies is the MINICOLOR screw & disc dosing unit.

  • South-East Asia expansion in Thailand


    Thanks to the rapidly growing economy in South-East Asia, the motan group is taking advantage of the opportunity to be closer to our customers in Thailand. motan Thailand Co., Ltd. is being established from the previous Singaporean branch in Thailand.

  • material loaders range METRO G


    Market launch of the new range of material loaders for granules: METRO G. New features and new technology for the standard units as a modular building block system combines the best of colortronic and motan and provides individual solutions.

  • Expansion Latin America - Brazil


    Latin America is experiencing huge growth in the plastics processing industry. Brazil is the main driving force behind this growth and the largest market. Here we look after our customers with the help of our strong sales and service team of the newly founded motan-colortronic do brasil.



    What happens when the tried-and-tested, reliable mechanics of our colortronic Colorblend are combined with modern motan controls? A new dosing and mixing unit is created: the MINIBLEND V. Its excellent recipe accuracy and unique dosing stability truly makes it shine.

  • First motan innovation award


    For the first time in the company’s history, motan holding gmbh is awarding the motan innovation award “mia” during the K’show 2016! This biannual prize is awarded to the best ideas and innovations for material handling in plastics manufacturing and processing

  • Reopening Tech Centre Friedrichsdorf


    Renovation and expansion of the Tech Centre in Friedrichsdorf. Now even more customer specific and project relevant process applications can be professionally tested and realised.

  • 2017

    Market launch of the successful LUXOR EM A and LUXOR E A dryer series. The mobile dry air driers offer smart drying in the smallest space, which is otherwise only possible with large drying systems: drying safely and efficiently - optionally with dewpoint-controlled regeneration or ETA plus® energy saving technology.

  • New building for motan-colortronic China


    motan-colortronic Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., the Chinese subsidiary of the motan group, moves into a more modern and larger company building in Taicang province Jiangsu, China. The new company headquarters will assume the function of a sales and production center for all of South-East Asia. The delivery to customers in China and Asia was thus further optimized and delivery times noticeably shortened.

  • 2019

    motan becomes LEAN. With the introduction of LEAN production at the Isny production site, the motan group is starting a new decade with many structural changes.

  • 2020

    Market launch of the SPECTROPLUS - a dosing system for all extrusion and compounding tasks, regardless whether granules, regrind, powder or liquid are used. The system unit can be easily adapted to a variety of dosing modules and requirements.