LUXOR S 120 increases performance of gwk-Technical Centre

motan-colortronic makes drying equipment and material loaders available on permanent loan.

A LUXOR S 120 dryer as well as a total of six METRO HES 50 hopper loaders were supplied by motan-colortronic GmbH, Friedrichsdorf, for the 1st Technology Day of the gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH on 11th June 2015 in Meinerzhagen. Now both companies have agreed that the system, which is designed for processing up to 25 kg/h, will remain in the new Technical Centre of the specialists for cooling and tempering technology.



The live-applications were the particular focus of the 480 guests at the gwk-event. They were able to get an overview of the performance and reliability of the motan-colortronic system, which was used for material drying and the supply of two injection moulding machines during the Technology Day. The production both of a high gloss surface without joint lines or sink marks according to the MuCell-method (PC/ABS with physical foaming), as well as a demonstrator (PC/ABS) with various surface structures without visible joint lines were shown.

“Our system, which we installed at gwk over the course of the Technology Day, consists of a LUXOR S 120 dry air generator, three LUXORBIN 100 drying bins, and also three METRO HES 50 hopper loaders to supply the bins and machines“, explains Thomas Kern, who supervised the project for the North subsidiary of motan-colortronic GmbH. “The system guaranties the customer stable processes in material handling for reproducible tests.”

Maximum efficiency with a minimal amount of maintenance is particularly sought after for the operation of a Technical Centre with frequent material changes, according to Kern. Additionally, the high grade manufacturing quality and the controls technology that has been optimised for the drying systems ensures the greatest availability and ease of operation of the system. “The system for the Technical Centre was designed in such a way that there is the possibility to connect multiple bins to one dry air generator. Drying can continue while the material of a different bin is being changed. This results in no loss of valuable manufacturing time.”

The hard-wearing, efficient design also contributes to the reliability. The cylindrical set-up ensures consistent drying of the plastic. Form and insulation are designed to create the best possible drying conditions and results with sustainable and optimal material flow behavior. The rounded service opening matches the exterior shape of the bin and enables easy access. There is no obstacle, edge, niche, or back taper on which granulate could get caught. This prevents so-called “dead zones” and benefits quick material changes without the need for laborious cleaning.

“The dry air generator is equipped with two stainless steel high-performance molecular filter cartridges which enable continuous drying. During regeneration, the intake air is preheated with a heat exchanger during the heat-up phase to save energy“, explains Kern, who adds that the re-cooling of the molecular filters with dry air occurs in a closed system. This results in a consistently low dew point as well as maximum drying performance.

“In our Technical Centre we conduct tests together with our customers in order to verify the thermal design of tools. We are very glad and thankful that motan-colortronic has made the drying system available for us on permanent loan”, explains Thomas Leng, Head of System Engineering for gwk. “This increases the performance of the Technical Centre significantly, because we now have the possibility of using three materials in direct sequence as they can be dried simultaneously. Or, we can run three machines at the same time. This increases the execution speed of our tests and we can be quicker and more flexible.”