Remote maintenance for the entire material supply in the plastics processing industry

For all system components of material handling – from conveying to drying to dosing – motan-colortronic is offering a new remote maintenance system. No programming knowledge, proprietary hardware and software modules, or complex firewalls are required for operation.


motan has developed the new and compact remote maintenance box for remote access via the internet and/or company internal intranet. As a standardised system that is delivered ready-for-use it contains an extensive software package for fault finding and analysis of the system components, as well as monitoring and documentation of the system status. All necessary tools for configuration and administration are included as standard. The operating language is taken from the monitored modules, so that international operation is possible.

The goal of this efficient remote maintenance is uncomplicated yet always available fault finding. In the event of a fault, the often ramified material transport, processing, and dosing systems often require the quick deployment of specialised employees in order to temporarily resolve an interruption in operation. Instead of immediately activating either own staff or even the service of the system manufacturer, the remote maintenance box can first bring clarification: Via internet or intranet, quick analyses can be performed on any PC, faults can be isolated in extensive nets, and the causes can be specified. This makes quick and precise measures possible. Reaction times are considerably reduced and the costs for internal and external staff are sustainably lowered.

Safety instead of difficulty

motan capitalises on integrating standard, tried-and-tested software that is freely available on the market into the remote maintenance box, rather than proprietary remote maintenance systems: the internationally utilised Team View, which has also established itself in other applications, is used for communication. The complex clearing and administration of firewall rules, which is required for many other systems, is not necessary. This increases user friendliness and operation safety. The operator, however, still has full control: the connections for the internal and external Ethernet are separate, the distribution of access authorisation is entirely up to the operator. Not least, the remote maintenance box can be manually turned on and off on demand with a flick of a switch.