Facing the future.

Facing the future.

motan’s steady growth of the last few years is due to know-how from longstanding experience and successful innovation. We want to stay true to this motto and continue to develop and support innovation.

We ask ourselves daily: “Why do we need innovation?” For us, the answer is obvious. Innovation is both our vision and our company philosophy. By developing innovative and optimizing current products, we are always working on providing our customers with the solution they need. At the same time, we want to technologically, economically and socially adapt to the ever-changing requirements of our markets. Long-term corporate success due to innovation will ensure our competitiveness and will allow us to enter new markets.

Our motto is:

“The only way to get an answer is by asking a question – and you can only create a solution if you’ve identified a need”

What drives us – globalization, new technologies and increased efficiency

Close cooperation between marketing, sales and development is the cornerstone for innovation and guarantees product quality. With the help of our regional centers and their application experts we possess extensive integrative process and application know-how which contributes to the further development of the motan product range.

Globalization, new technologies and the experience of our employees, as well as inventiveness and direct contact with our customers drive us towards finding solutions for technically challenging problems, optimizing processes and increasing plant efficiency, which in turn benefits our customers.