motan innovation award 2018

motan innovation award 2018

The motan innovation award was presented on the 18. October 2018 in the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen. Three plastic innovations in the field of material handling prevailed against the competition. The winners receive not only motan donated prize money but also support in the further development of their inventions.

motan innovation award ceremony during Fakuma exhibition

The winners have been confirmed: Three new ideas in the field of raw materials handling were awarded with the motan innovation award (mia) on 18th October 2018. The mia jury, a panel of four experts from universities and institutes in the field of plastics research, had short-listed six ideas, as finalists for the award in July after intensive evaluation.The three winning projects were particularly convincing in terms of innovation level, relevance for the practice in the plastics industry as well as feasibility and market opportunities, and prevailed over the other contenders.

1st place: Rheinhard Herro

The gravimetric suction box developed by Reinhard Herro is a new system for throughput detection with batch traceability for pneumatic conveying systems. It measures all material throughputs directly at the material source and thus replaces the usual measuring procedure at the consuming unit typically a material loader. By means of a gravimetric dispenser integrated in the suction box, each batch of material is weighed individually before conveying and then automatically assigned to the designated machine. With only one measuring system it is now possible to measure and control the material throughputs of many consuming units. In addition, the gravimetric suction box opens up completely new possibilities for the control and monitoring of pneumatic conveying systems, as many processes are automated. For example, the optimum filling quantity for material loaders is automatically generated and overfilling is prevented. The jury also acknowledged that the increase in the degree of automation was accompanied by an increase in the reliability of the plants.

Reinhard Herro receives a prize of 10,000 euros for his innovative idea.

2nd place: Philipp Mählmeyer

To be able to optimally serve large complex industrial plants requires a quick and precise retrieval of the current status information. The new app by Philipp Mählmeyer starts at this point: using clear, machine-readable codes (QR codes), which are attached to the aggregates, they visualize the required data on a mobile device. Thus, each operator can not only query status information easily, but also control the associated processes. For example, using a mobile device, mechanical adjustments, calibrations and service work can be carried out directly at the machine. A major advantage of Mählmeyer’s app: The installation effort and the costs are low compared to other systems, if the necessary system technology is already available and the controls can be addressed via a network. In addition, a sophisticated “right and role” system enables user-specific visualization on the mobile device. For example, a service employee will see different information compared to a plant operator.

motan honours this project with a prize of 6,000 euros.

3rd place: Bernd Michael

With the highly flexible "METRO-Lay" system, material feedlines can be laid in a very uncomplicated and efficient way. METRO-Lay is the name Bernd Michael give his idea, which is made up of the terms "METRO" (representative of all motan conveying systems) and "Lay" (as a reference to one of the world's largest scaffolding manufacturer’s Layher). The development consists of two essential components: the Layher Allround scaffold system, which serves as a supporting structure for material feedlines, and newly developed plug-in modules, which ensure faster and more secure installation of material and vacuum pipework. The combination of these two components optimizes the construction of feedlines significantly. METRO-Lay shortens assembly times, reduces assembly costs and thus increases the project margin. Even human resources can be spared by the comprehensibly structured system.

Bernd Michael can look forward to a prize of 4,000 euros.