Sustainable handling in materials management within the value chain has been embedded in the motan company philosophy for a long time.

The responsible handling of our resources when using motan products is the focus of further development. With our solutions, as well as the development of solutions, we always encounter the key current trending topics regarding sustainability in the plastics industry.

  • How can we design optimised processes?
  • How can we improve the energy efficiency of our systems?
  • How can we avoid waste and preserve resources?
  • How can we recycle materials after use?
  • How can we develop our products for the circular economy?

Energy-efficient materials management

Material drying and injection moulding are technologies that consume a lot of energy. By using our ETA plus® drying technology in our dryers, we have developed an effective system with sensor technology which detects the optimal energy needs for the drying process and readjusts this over the controls. In addition, by using the ETA plus® in high-temperature processes, heat exchange technology is applied, which simultaneously cools by recycling return air, therefore using energy particularly sustainably.

Along with increasing energy efficiency in the drying process, we recommend that our customers use a closed feed cycle in material conveyance. Thanks to the closed processing chain, the remoistening of material is prevented on one hand, and on the other, the material retains the majority of its temperature. In addition, this optimisation can be combined with our feed technology “IntelliFlow ”. This is how we optimise the feed speed, preserve materials and reduce the energy requirement.

motan products as the link in the circular economy

As a material processor and distributor, we are working with our products in a sector that forms the link between plastic manufacturers and plastics processors. Therefore, we have direct points of contact with the circular economy in the plastics industry. Our products are developed to handle raw materials just as well as recycled granulate, flakes or powder. During product development, we also take into consideration new materials for the future which are currently being researched and tested for industrial use.

Together with the trade association “Association of German machinery and systems constructors – Plastics and rubber machinery”, we are involved, in combination with our partners, in the sustainability initiative, “Blue Competence”. Our goal here is not only to handle our resources with care, but also to offer our customers financially attractive technological solutions within an entire system.

Using digitalisation and networking to automate production processes

We believe that digitalisation or the networking of production processes is closely related to the circular economy. After all, transparency with regard to knowing exactly what is going into a product and where the material is passed on to is one of the basic steps in increasing the networking of plants. The result of this is usually the complete digitalisation of the production plant, also known within the sector as Industry 4.0.

motan has already developed solutions, such as our METROLINK , to automate the information flow parallel to the material flow in materials handling and thereby create a continuous line between goods receipt and the finished product.

Promoting sustainable innovations

Since 2016, motan has organised the motan innovation awards, awarding the best ideas that think outside the box in the plastic industry. The awards are not given just for the economic factors of the innovations, but also the sustainability of the ideas.

With the “Octa-Flow-Bag” idea, the award was given for the first time in 2016 to a system for residual discharge of Octabin containers, which is not only cost-effective but also effective and sustainable. The idea is still under development but promises real added value in the processing of plastic granulates, even at this point in the development process.

Do you have ideas for innovative, efficient and likewise sustainable material management? If so, apply for the next mia.

Initiative Blue Competence

We are partners of the sustainability initiative, Blue Competence. Blue Competence is an initiative of the VDMA set up to promote sustainability in the construction of machinery and systems but also to publicise sustainable solutions for the sector. With this partnership, we are obligated to comply with the twelve sustainability principles for the construction of machinery and systems.