CloseMETROFLOW - StabilityMETROFLOW - Stability
Sturdy 6mm steel frame
ClosePrecision load cellPrecision load cell
High weighing accuracy
CloseElectro-polished stainless steelElectro-polished stainless steel
Contamination free and easy to clean.
CloseVacuum valve with implosionVacuum valve with implosion
Guarantees constant and stable material conveying and reduces maintenance costs.
CloseNo hose connected to the lidNo hose connected to the lid
Easy and safe cleaning.
CloseDampened discharge flapDampened discharge flap
Prevents material jamming and vacuum loss.
CloseStainless steel discharge flapStainless steel discharge flap
Abrasion resistant.
CloseDischarge flap counterweightDischarge flap counterweight
Visual status of the loading cycle and great for service.
CloseOptional hinged frameOptional hinged frame
Easy cleaning of the discharge flap module
CloseLoader controlsLoader controls
Versatile and easy to use.
CloseSystem controlsSystem controls
Innovative state-of-the-art controls.


With the METROFLOW gravimetric material loader, plastic processors can automate important areas of the production process cost-effectively and efficiently. The METROFLOW weighs every single load and evaluates the results, with a guaranteed precision of <1%. This improves the entire material management process and allows for full traceability.

The material loaders come in 6, 10 and 30 liter volumes. The METROFLOW series is part of the motan range of products and systems for all stages of management, conditioning and preparation of plastic granules. The design quality, plus the engineering, ensures high performance and reliable operation.

Further product information
METROFLOW: Precision load cellPrecision load cell
METROFLOW: Electro-polished stainless steelElectro-polished stainless steel
METROFLOW: Vacuum valve with implosionVacuum valve with implosion
METROFLOW: No hose connected to the lidNo hose connected to the lid
METROFLOW: Dampened discharge flapDampened discharge flap
METROFLOW: Stainless steel discharge flapStainless steel discharge flap
METROFLOW: Discharge flap counterweightDischarge flap counterweight
METROFLOW: Optional hinged frameOptional hinged frame
METROFLOW: Loader controlsLoader controls
METROFLOW: System controlsSystem controls
METROFLOW - StabilitySturdy 6mm steel frame

The METROFLOW material loader sits on a robust but extremely precise loadcell mounted in a sturdy steel frame. The material and vacuum hoses are mechanically decoupled from the loader. Through this hose decoupling, the forces occurring on the vacuum and material lines are eliminated, so that extremely accurate weighing results can be achieved.

METROFLOW: Precision load cell
Precision load cellHigh weighing accuracy

The digital load cell guarantees high accuracy with every single weighing. This guarantees a weighing accuracy with a very small deviation of under 1%. Any vibrations or oscillations caused by the processing machine are compensated for by the highly accurate control, which uses proprietary software to filter out any disturbances.

METROFLOW: Electro-polished stainless steel
Electro-polished stainless steelContamination free and easy to clean.

METROFLOW loaders are of modular design and are constructed from electro-polished stainless steel. Guaranteeing you contamination-free operation and easy clean down due to the high-quality surface finish.

METROFLOW: Vacuum valve with implosion
Vacuum valve with implosionGuarantees constant and stable material conveying and reduces maintenance costs.

The mesh filter is automatically cleaned by implosion after each loading. This guarantees constant and reliable material conveying and reduces maintenance costs for the loader. Because the material loader is air-tight, the conveying performance remains stable and there is no dust around the unit.

METROFLOW: No hose connected to the lid
No hose connected to the lidEasy and safe cleaning.

When equipped with a standard implosion vacuum valve, the material loader lid is free from any attachments such as hoses and valves. This allows you to safely and easily gain access to the unit, which saves time when cleaning the loader.

METROFLOW: Dampened discharge flap
Dampened discharge flapPrevents material jamming and vacuum loss.

A spring-loaded damper on the discharge flap prevents the flap from completely closing when not under vacuum. During pneumatic conveying, any granules left lying on the discharge flap which might get trapped are first sucked away. With increasing vacuum, the flap is then pressed against the spring and will close completely.

METROFLOW: Stainless steel discharge flap
Stainless steel discharge flapAbrasion resistant.

Because the large material outlet has a discharge flap which is made of stainless steel, it is abrasion resistant and meets all requirements for medical or food packaging applications. The angled design increases the outlet area and helps with materials which may bridge.

METROFLOW: Discharge flap counterweight
Discharge flap counterweightVisual status of the loading cycle and great for service.

The counterweight of the discharge flap is mounted on the outside of the loader discharge module. This means that the actual status of the loading cycle is always visible. Service work can be easily and quickly carried out, because of easy accessibility.

METROFLOW: Optional hinged frame
METROFLOW: Optional hinged frame
Optional hinged frameEasy cleaning of the discharge flap module

The optional hinged frame, which is available when mounting the METROFLOW on a mezzanine or large material bin, allows easy cleaning of the discharge flap module.

METROFLOW: Loader controls
METROFLOW: Loader controls
Loader controlsVersatile and easy to use.

All METROFLOW loaders are equipped with the C box: our most advanced control box with alarm and status indication, on/off and other functions located directly at the loader. In addition, the integrated CAN Bus node contains all the electronics for control of the loadcell.

METROFLOW: System controls
System controlsInnovative state-of-the-art controls.

Several different levels of automation are available for controlling the METROFLOW loaders.

METROnet AE and AN: the ultimate networkable system toolkit for complex conveying systems with either a soft PLC or Siemens S7 PLC with WEBpanel and decentralised CAN Bus nodes for the connection of peripheral equipment.

All METROnet controls are totally integrated in the CONTROLnet platform and can be linked to other controls via Ethernet.