CPK Crystalliser

CPK Crystalliser

For continuous crystallisation of amorphous materials such as PET and PLA.

With respect to costs and efficiency, recycling becomes more and more important. In order to avoid clumping of recycled PET material during drying up to 180 °C, crystallisers of the CPK and KT series should be used before the drying process. The agitator bins are equipped with a high-performance drive motor. The amorphous material in the bin is kept in motion at a controlled temperature until crystallisation is concluded and further processing can then continue.

Further product information
Optimised crystallising process
Constant drying quality
Optimised energy management
Modular design
Removable section of bin cone
Extra-strong agitator arms and stators with agitator motor protection
Bin geometry
Bin construction
Optimised crystallising process Innovative and energy efficient crystallising technology which saves you money.

By crystallising in an open circuit, it is possible to reduce hydrolytic degradation. An additional benefit is that the material is pre-dried. An optional heat exchanger can be fitted which offers considerable energy savings.

Constant drying quality Guarantees material quality

When dropping below a minimum exhaust temperature as a result of excessive material throughput, the amount of material discharged is controlled so that optimum drying quality is always maintained.

Optimised energy management Saves you energy.

Air-flow regulation using frequency controlled blowers offers considerable energy savings.

Modular design The right size for your material throughput.

With many different model sizes, the right crystalliser is always available for the required material throughput.

Removable section of bin cone Easy access and quick clean down.

The lower section of the cone can be removed. This allows you full access to the lower bin area. In addition, the bin is equipped with a large clean-out door fitted with a sight glass. It fits the shape of the bin in order to optimise material flow and simplify cleaning.

Extra-strong agitator arms and stators with agitator motor protection Designed for reliability and a long life.

The reinforced agitators and stators are designed to withstand the large resistances generated during crystallisation. But should the forces in the agitator be too high, the agitator motor will switch off automatically in order to protect the motor.

Bin geometry Essential for correctly crystallised material.

The ratio between the height and diameter of the crystallising bin is critical to how a material flows through the bin. Incorrect mass flow can lead to "dead" corners or the material will flow too quickly through the middle of the bin resulting in under crystallised material.

The optimum dimensions the bins are determined by calculation and practical tests, guaranteeing correctly crystallised and dried material is delivered to your processing machine.

Bin construction Designed for reliability and a long life.

All crystallising bins are made of stainless steel and are completely insulated. The bins are mounted on solid frames. The long-life solid state relays guarantee precise and reliable temperature control that does not damage thermally-sensitive materials.

Control State-of-the-art control with automatic start-up program.

The control offers user-friendly operation via a colour graphic display with touch screen. It incorporates an automatic start-up program for amorphous material, comprehensive functions for operation and process control, as well as enhanced service functions.