Saving you money.
motan quality you can trust.
CloseDrying bin geometry
Essential for correctly dried material.
CloseLarge clean out door
Easy access and quick clean down.
CloseDrying bin construction.
Designed for reliability and a long life.
CloseFully insulated drying bin
Saving you energy.
CloseAir diffuser
Uniform distribution of dry air, guaranteeing your material is at temperature and dry.
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Meeting your high quality expectations.
No moving parts. No desiccant material.
Built for reliability and long life.
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Simple, reliable and easy to use.

Hot air dryer

LUXOR HD hot air dryers offer the most effective way of conditioning moderately hygroscopic plastic granules for processing and removal of surface moisture. Pre-heating of raw materials stabilises the production parameters and reduces processing energy costs.
motan‘s fully insulated LUXOR HD hot air dryers cover a performance range from 7 to 1100 kg per hour. The dryers can either be mounted directly on the throat of the processing machine (up to 150l) or on a support frame beside the machine.

Further product information
LUXOR HD: EconomyEconomy
LUXOR HD: ReliabilityReliability
LUXOR HD: Drying bin geometryDrying bin geometry
LUXOR HD: Large clean out doorLarge clean out door
LUXOR HD: Drying bin construction.Drying bin construction.
LUXOR HD: Fully insulated drying binFully insulated drying bin
LUXOR HD: Air diffuserAir diffuser
LUXOR HD: Material dischargeMaterial discharge
LUXOR HD: Maintenance-freeMaintenance-free
LUXOR HD: DesignDesign
LUXOR HD: LUXOR HD controlLUXOR HD control
LUXOR HD: Economy
EconomySaving you money.

Heating raw material in a hot air dryer is up to 38% more efficient than when material is heated up in a processing machine. LUXOR HD dryers warm up the plastic granules efficiently and with low energy consumption. Surface moisture is removed reliably. This minimises rejects and guarantees a constantly high product quality. 

LUXOR HD: Reliability
Reliabilitymotan quality you can trust.

World-wide, many plastic processors rely on motan’s sturdy and efficient products. The LUXOR HD dryers are built to the same high engineering and design standards which have established motan‘s reputation for the industry’s most robust and reliable equipment.
LUXOR HD dryers, like all motan products, carry CE certification.

LUXOR HD: Drying bin geometry
Drying bin geometryEssential for correctly dried material.

The ratio between the height and diameter of a drying bin is critical to how a material flows through the bin. Incorrect mass flow can lead to "dead" corners where the material is over dried or the material will flow too quickly through the middle of the bin resulting in under dried material.
The optimum dimensions of motan drying bins are determined by calculation and practical tests, guaranteeing correctly dried material is delivered to your processing machine.

LUXOR HD: Large clean out door
Large clean out doorEasy access and quick clean down.

The larger drying bins from 250 to 2400 litres are equipped with especially large cleanout doors fitted with a sight glass and easy-to-open quick release handles. They fit the shape of the bin in order to optimise material flow and simplify cleaning. In addition, they have a split hinged lid for easy access from above.

LUXOR HD: Drying bin construction.
LUXOR HD: Drying bin construction.
Drying bin construction.Designed for reliability and a long life.

All LUXOR HD drying bins are made of stainless steel. The larger bins are mounted on solid frames and all have a control box mounted at the front of the bin for optimum accessibility.

LUXOR HD: Fully insulated drying bin
Fully insulated drying binSaving you energy.

Constant and stable conditions in the entire drying bin are an essential prerequisite. Therefore, the complete drying bin right down to the material discharge is heat insulated, saving you energy.

LUXOR HD: Air diffuser
Air diffuserUniform distribution of dry air, guaranteeing your material is at temperature and dry.

The cleverly designed air diffusers provide uniform distribution of the dry air ensuring that even material at the material bin outlet is kept dry and at a constant temperature.

LUXOR HD: Material discharge
Material dischargeMeeting your high quality expectations.

All small LUXOR HD dryers have a slide gates fitted as standard. For the bigger LUXOR hot air dryers, a greater variety of accessories (like suction boxes and slide gates for discharging material) are available

LUXOR HD: Maintenance-free
Maintenance-freeNo moving parts. No desiccant material.

Few moving parts, no desiccant material. LUXOR HD will deliver the reliable performance you need.

LUXOR HD: Design
LUXOR HD: Design
DesignBuilt for reliability and long life.

All models are equipped with thermostat and low-air-flow safety switch to prevent overheating of material. The hinged lid of the drying bin provides easy access and has a flange for fitting a METRO material loader for automatic material conveying.

LUXOR HD controlSimple, reliable and easy to use.

The microprocessor-controlled temperature regulator is easy to use and displays process and set values and has an alarm indication. The self-optimising temperature controller PID reliably keeps the drying temperature in the tolerance range of ±1°C.