LUXOR swift
LUXOR swift

Dry air dryer
LUXOR swift

The new LUXOR swift 250 dry air generator offers the ideal price-performance ratio for standard applications in the drying of granulate. The LUXOR swift 250 has a dry air capacity of 250 m³/h. The dry air generator can either be operated with a single drying bin or combined with multiple preconfigured drying bins in your plant. The drying bins are available from 100l to 900l sizes. This gives you the maximum possible flexibility and an uninterrupted production flow. For more energy efficient drying, additional functions such as dew point control or return air cooling can be added.

Further product information
LUXOR swift: Versatile useVersatile use
LUXOR swift: Dew point indication and controlDew point indication and control
LUXOR swift: Hybrid drying modeHybrid drying mode
LUXOR swift: Regeneration air coolerRegeneration air cooler
LUXOR swift: Desiccant bedsDesiccant beds
LUXOR swift: Molecular sieveMolecular sieve
LUXOR swift: Heating in the drying binHeating in the drying bin
LUXOR swift: Drying bin geometryDrying bin geometry
LUXOR swift: Large cleaning doorLarge cleaning door
LUXOR swift: Functional designFunctional design
LUXOR swift: Space-saving & compactSpace-saving & compact
LUXOR swift: Fully insulated drying binsFully insulated drying bins
LUXOR swift: Constant dryingConstant drying
LUXOR swift: AccessoriesAccessories
LUXOR swift: LUXOR swift controlLUXOR swift control
LUXOR swift: Versatile use
Versatile useDifferent drying bin sizes for different applications

Thanks to motan’s automatic air regulation the drying process can be optimized. Different sizes of drying bins with integrated heating allow a wide range of applications with proven motan drying technology.

LUXOR swift: Dew point indication and control
Dew point indication and controlOptimised regeneration time saves energy

The LUXOR swift 250 dryers, offer dew point indication and dew point control as an option. Regeneration of the molecular sieve is triggered when the maximum dew point set value of the return air has been reached. This value can be defined and set by the user and offers large energy savings.

LUXOR swift: Hybrid drying mode
Hybrid drying modeIncrease drying performance.

With the 600l and 900l drying bins versions, a hybrid drying mode can be utilised to boost the dry air flow up to 300m³/h. By having both desiccant beds in process simultaneously, after the completion of the regeneration cycle, drying times and material throughputs can be optimised.

LUXOR swift: Regeneration air cooler
Regeneration air coolerExcellent drying, even in hot and humid conditions

By actively cooling the regeneration air during cooldown, the dryer is able to achieve very low and consistent dew points and has a shorter regeneration time.

LUXOR swift: Desiccant beds
Desiccant bedsHigh capacity and yet energy-saving and reliable

The dryers are equipped with two fully insulated, stationary desiccant beds. The advantages are large amounts of molecular sieve. This means long drying cycles and no moving parts. This saves energy, ensures reliability, and guarantees constant and stable dry air quality.

LUXOR swift: Molecular sieve
Molecular sieveReliable, with a long service life.

The molecular sieve is first heated up and then cooled down again during each regeneration. This causes friction and generates dust that clogs the pores for moisture absorption. Therefore, motan only uses a specially developed molecular sieve with a high mechanical and chemical stability. This reduces the frequency of molecular sieve replacement and ensures optimum dry air quality.

LUXOR swift: Heating in the drying bin
LUXOR swift: Heating in the drying bin
Heating in the drying binEnergy-saving due to individual drying temperatures

Drying systems need individual drying temperatures in different drying bins. We only offer "cold" dry air generators. Heating of the process air takes place directly in the drying bin and is individually adjustable. There is no energy loss in the dry air piping from the dry air generator to the hopper.

LUXOR swift: Drying bin geometry
Drying bin geometryImportant for properly dried material.

The ratio between the height and the diameter of a drying bins is essential for the material flow through the bin. Incorrect mass flow can lead to "dead" zones. There, the material is over-dried or fed through the centre of the bin too quickly. This results in insufficiently dried material.

LUXOR swift: Large cleaning door
LUXOR swift: Large cleaning door
Large cleaning doorEasy access and quick cleaning.

The drying bins are equipped with especially large cleanout doors fitted with a sight glass and easy-to-open quick release handles. They fit the shape of the bin in order to optimise material flow and simplify cleaning. In addition, they have a split hinged lid for easy access from above.

LUXOR swift: Functional design
Functional designCompletely contamination-free thanks to stainless steel construction.

All LUXOR swift drying hoppers are made of brushed stainless steel, mounted on a stable frame, and have a front control box for optimum accessibility.

LUXOR swift: Space-saving & compact
Space-saving & compactThanks to a compact design, you save valuable floor space

For even more flexibility in use in production, some LUXOR swift models are mounted on rolls. The predefined combinations of dry air generator and hopper are based on decades of experience of motan drying technology and offer the best standards for your plant. LUXOR swift dryers and hoppers require little space thanks to their compact design.

LUXOR swift: Fully insulated drying bins
Fully insulated drying binsStable drying conditions and maximum energy savings!

The entire drying bin, including the material outlet, is completely thermally insulated. This guarantees stable conditions in the hopper and thus saves energy.

LUXOR swift: Constant drying
Constant dryingUniform distribution of drying air guarantees that your material is dry and at the right temperature.

The ideally positioned air distribution in the hopper ensures an even distribution of the drying air. This keeps even the material that is already at the machine infeed dry and at temperature.

LUXOR swift: Accessories
LUXOR swift: Accessories
AccessoriesExpand your system continuously!

You can optionally order options and accessories for all LUXOR swift models to optimize or expand your system to meet your growing production needs. Expand your drying system with additional functions such as dew point control or return air cooling. Add to the piping or use additional suction boxes.

LUXOR swift: LUXOR swift control
LUXOR swift controlIntuitive control design compatible with common industry standards.

Easy handling via 7” touch screen colour display with modern microprocessor control and user-friendly graphics interface to operate the drying system. Displays on the control panel always show the current drying status.